It doesn't take much to transform your kitchen into a no waste one.

Dish Soap: Say no to chemical dish soap! I just use a mason jar that has a little pump on the top. I take it to the health food store with me and refill it with eco-friendly dish soap in bulk. This is super easy to do and it's kind on your hands and the planet. 

Scrubbers: Say no to plastic sponges! You can purchase eco-friendly brushes for dish and vegetable washing at your local health food store. When they have run their course in the kitchen, I use them to clean out my compost bucket. You can also purchase copper scrubbers which work great as well. 

Towels: Flour sack towels are my best friends in the kitchen. I use white ones for cleaning, and blue ones for food (like wrapping bread or vegetables in). It's nice to establish a set of towels for cleaning, as I would not want to use a towel that I cleaned the floor with for food storage, even though it's washed. That's just my personal, organizational preference. 

Cloth Napkins: Paper napkins are a serious drag--cloth napkins to the rescue! If you sew like me, whip up a fresh supply for the house. If not, invest in some organic cotton ones. I bring a napkin everywhere, because you never know when you're going to smear food all over your face.

My stainless steel compost bucket. 

My stainless steel compost bucket. 

Compost: If you are not sure how to compost, or what composts, click here! I put all food scraps that can't be reused in my compost along with my floor sweepings, hair, and dryer lint (no lint from synthetic clothes). 

Coffee Maker: A chemex or  a french press is ideal, as there is no waste generated (filters). Coffee grounds can be used in many ways.

Water Dispenser: I fill empty gallon apple juice glass jugs with clean local filtered water and pour it in my american made Anchor glass water dispenser. 

Food Storage: Wondering what to do with left- over food? Mason jars are great for storing food. In fact, any glass vessel will work perfectly. Avoiding plastic for food storage is key as plastics contain toxic chemicals that can leach into your food. 

Hot Tip: I love to knit and have found that it's super easy to make dish rags and pot-holders for the kitchen. Plus, they're washable!