I inconsistently practice hot yoga (Vinyasa Flow), and it's no secret that 95 degrees of heat can really work up a sweat that soaks your yoga mat. After my first session, it became clear that I would have to wash my mat with a little something extra. Vinegar and lemon are my go to for cleaning because they work incredibly well. 

I use lemon at home in my water, cooking, baking, and body care products, so I often have left over lemon rinds. Before composting them I use them to infuse vinegar with that lovely citrus scent! Simply place your lemon rinds in a 16oz. mason jar, fill with organic white distilled vinegar, and put the lid on. Wait at least a day before using the vinegar infusion. This infusion can be used as an all purpose cleaner , as well as a yoga mat disinfectant. I've left my rinds in the vinegar for over a month which eliminated the vinegar smell altogether! I've also used orange peels.

Yoga Mat Cleaner


1/2 cup infused distilled white vinegar with citrus*

1 1/2 cups distilled water**

*If you don't want to infuse vinegar with citrus, add 10-15 drops essential oil to the water and plain vinegar instead (lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, orange,  or tea tree)

*If you already have all-purpose cleaner on hand, just use that! This is just slightly more diluted. 

The Steps

1. Combine the ingredients in your spray bottle, and give it a gentle shake. 

To use, spray lightly over your yoga mat and wipe down with a towel. Instead of buying single use paper towels for cleaning, I opt for cloth flour sack towels. Any towel besides a paper one will do just fine. 

How is vinegar effective for cleaning? White vinegar has a PH of 2.0 (acidic) which creates an "inhospitable environment," for microorganisms to grow. Not convinced?  What about the smell of vinegar? Here's the deal, the lemon juice cuts the smell, but if you still detect vinegar, it will evaporate as soon as it dries, so no stress there.

Hot Tip: Washing your yoga mat by itself in the washing machine is a huge waste of water. Buying single use and individually packaged yoga mat wipes isn't a good idea either. To read more about how to green your yoga practice, check out my post!