Steps To Circular Living


1. The first step is be kind to yourself. Negative inner commentary or comparing yourself to others will not aid you in your progress. Circular Living is different for everyone. It may be challenging and frustrating at times, but don't give up as this transition takes time. Think about why you want to change your consumer habits... Is it for the health of the environment, your health, both, and or something else?

2. Step two is an opportunity to heighten your perception. Begin to examine and become aware of the purchases and trash you are making on a daily basis. I started by looking at my trash to determine what it was made up of, so that I could work towards reducing it. What I saw was that the bulk of my trash was comprised of food scraps and plastic food packaging. Hate to break it to you, but chip bags don't recycle (a huge amount of plastic packaged foods do not recycle). Quitting plastic is also a good place to start, as this makes up a lot of the trash. Recognize the amount of products you own and buy that are packaged in plastic and begin swapping them out for Circular Lifestyle alternatives. 

3. Step three is to simplify and downsize. Begin to examine what you need and use on a daily basis. I looked at my clothes, beauty products, household items (cleaning products, kitchen tools), and saw that I actually had accumulated so many things that I either never used or did not need. I donated most items to the local women's center, and then changed my consumer behavior so I wouldn't have to keep simplifying and downsizing every six months. 

4. Step four is to make the switch. Bring your own cloth bags to fill up with produce (no more plastic bags). Bring your own re-usable containers to fill up with bulk items. Bring your own reusable grocery bags. Bring your own cup! When you cut out packaging, you are no longer able to make impulse buys, which will save you big money as well as keep you healthier. I realized that many of my impulse buys were fatty packaged foods like chips and other salty delights. 

5. Step five is persistence. Remember that what works for me in my Circular Lifestyle might not work for you. This is a path of self discovery, and you will find the best way to do reduce based on your own way of being in the world. Don't give up!

 Hot Tip: Decrease your impact on the planet by refusing to use plastic and making a commitment to precycle, compost, upcycle, recycle, and have fun! After all, this is an adventure!