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Hello, and welcome to Kind Planet! I would like to remind you that reading any of the information I provide on this website and blog is of your own free will. I do my best to provide you with the most accurate and up to-date information possible, and my inclusion of any links does not always imply endorsement of the linked sites or affiliates. I'm not responsible for the availability, accuracy, or any information, content, products or services accessible from such sites. This is my personal blog (Eva Marie Pollard), and the views, opinions, expressed, here along with the photo content are all mine unless stated otherwise. 

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Reading the information provided by this website does not create a patient physician relationship. The information provided on this site is not a substitute for your own doctors medical advice.


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I, Eva Marie Pollard and Kind Planet respect your privacy. Any information or contact information that is provided to me will be kept private. I will not share your information. I will not email you anything, unless you have subscribed to Kind Planet's newsletter or I'm responding to your email! I'm not to be held responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any of my affiliates or included links to other sites.

Affiliates and Product Reviews:

I have joined the Affiliate program with Life Without Plastic, and their ad is displayed in the footer of my website. If I receive products for free to do a review, I will always disclose it to you. I can't see myself doing many reviews however, please know that I will only review products that I use and stand behind 100%, like Glass Dharma!


I personally don't visit websites that have tons of ads because it's distracting and a form of intellectual waste. I will only endorse and allow ads on my site that are in full alignment with my environmental values (like Life Without Plastic). It's time consuming to blog, especially because I'm a full- time worker/student; however, I did not create this site to make money, and I will not sacrifice my values to do so. So, you won't be seeing ads that don't specifically have something to do with Kind Planets views and beliefs. 

Reserve Rights:

I reserve the right to change my thoughts and opinions on my website, because as a person I grow, and I believe that change can be positive. I also reserve the right to shut down my website, sell it, or change my terms of use and update my disclaimer at any time.

Letters to the Editor:

If you email me with questions, concerns, comments, or perhaps advice, or comment on this website's blog, or this website's Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram page, I may share it with my audience. I will never reveal any personal information about you, but some of your questions/comments are really awesome, and I think others could benefit. If this is something that you are not comfortable with, then simply request otherwise, and I will absolutely not share. Furthermore, I'm not responsible or held liable for any of the comments on my blog, on my Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook.