Lube Alternative: Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil. Did I mention Coconut Oil?


Sustain Condoms: Condoms create necessary waste, and some are better for our bodies and the planet than others. Check out sustain! Their condoms are made with Fair Trade rubber and are nitrosamine-free. They are certified cruelty-free, do not contain parabens, are FSC certified, FDA certified, non-GMO, low odor, and triple tested! Sustain gives 10% of their profits to help support the 20 million women in the United States that don't have access to women's health care services. 

Hot Tip: If you use condoms, it's best not to use oil based lubricants as they quickly weaken latex and can cause condoms to break! Opt for aloe based lubricants that don't contain chemicals. Aloe lubricants can be found at most health food stores.