What led you to Circular Living?

I had a moment where I realized that I was not living my environmental values and this motivated me to look at my behavior around my trash. I saw that the only way I could walk my talk was to stop contributing to the expansion of landfill sites. Someday I hope to have children, and I want to model healthy behavior that's kind to the body, others, and the planet. By being the change that I wish to see in the world, I envision a kind and healthy future for humankind and the earth!

What do you do if you forget your own cup?

That has definitely happened to me, especially in the beginning of this adventure. I decided that if I forgot my own cup, then too bad, I wasn't going to get coffee, a juice, or even water. This may sound extreme; however, setting a boundary helped me create the habit of bringing my own cup, because I wanted to be able to drink liquids throughout the day! Transitioning to a Circular lifestyle involves setting boundaries with yourself so that you can succeed at it. This was my approach, and there are certainly many other ways to achieve the same outcome, as we all learn differently. Through transitioning to Circular Lifestyle, you will most definitely develop persistence and self discipline.

Are you an environmental studies major, or do you work in sustainability?

No, that sounds like it would be fun though! I'm a liberal studies major on the path to get my credential and become a teacher. I currently work full time for a natural and organics grocery store.

Are you wealthy? Because Circular Living alternatives can be expensive...

No, I'm not wealthy (never have been). I'm a 25 year old working woman, living pay check to pay check and putting myself through college. It's definitely true that high quality reusable products (canteens, metal tiffins, etc..) can be pricey. It took me about seven months to transition within my house and buy alternatives when I could afford them. It is absolutely possible on a tight budget. It just takes time, and it's totally worth it because in the long run you will actually save a lot of money, vote with your dollar, support your local community and be kind to yourself and the planet!

How do you have time to live a Circular Lifestyle when you work & go to school full time?

I hear that! I often feel busy, and I realized that my haste was responsible for a lot of the waste that I was generating. It can be a balancing act in the beginning, AND it will get easier! Circular Living requires you to form new habits of preparedness; it can be very helpful, for example, to look ahead a few days and make a meal plan for yourself. It also helps to have your reusable utensils, cup, napkin, and container on your person so that you're prepared at all times to not make trash! You can do this! I often hear people giving up on on this way of living before they even try it. Start by making small changes (like bringing your own cup or water bottle) and you might surprise yourself and unlock capabilities you didn't know you had. 

Where do you purchase your plastic- free reusable alternatives?

I try to keep it as local as possible and support the health food stores, farmers markets and thrift stores here. If they don't have something, I love the Life Without Plastic website!