In an effort to conserve water, I use my homemade dry shampoo in-between hair washing days. I have bangs, and sometimes they get really oily from resting on my forehead all day. This used to be a one of the signals that I needed a shower. Now I know better. My whole head doesn't need to be washed; my bangs just need some dry shampoo!  I buy my basic dry shampoo ingredients in bulk by bringing my own glass mason jars. No plastic! 

Basic Dry Shampoo:



1 small glass jar

2 tablespoons bentonite clay

2 tablespoons cornstarch

The Steps: Combine the ingredients in a small glass jar and shake. Apply to roots of hair with a brush or your finger. 

You can also use straight cornstarch or straight bentonite clay--they both work very well together and apart. This dry shampoo has served me through a range of hair colors. Before I started living a circular lifestyle, I used to dye my hair really dark, but the dry shampoo blended right in. Now my hair is getting back to its natural, more light color, and it still blends in!