Circular Lifestyle Alternatives

 Single use conveniences like plastic straws, cups, lids, stir sticks, take out containers, and plastic water bottles (to name a few) are all extremely wasteful and are an exponential addition to landfill sites as well as the trash patches in our oceans. Using compostable or biodegradable to-go ware is a bandaid and not a solution to the problem--it reinforces the habit of disposable convenience. Replacing these things that we use every single day for reusable alternatives is crucial. These replacements are high quality, eco-friendly and will last for a long long time, so they are a worthwhile investment!

Let me break it down for you...

Replace your disposable coffee cups by BRINGING YOUR OWN CUP! 

Replace plastic produce bags with COTTON CLOTH OR MESH BAGS, you can also sew your own. 

Replace plastic or paper grocery bags with CLOTH BAGS (available for purchase at most health food stores).

Bring your own RE-USABLE CONTAINERS to fill up on bulk. I love my mason jars, and they are very affordable if you buy them at your local health food store or thrift for them (usually around 1 dollar each). 

Replace plastic straws with METAL STRAWS.

Replace sponges with ECO-BRUSHES or COPPER SCRUBBERS 

Replace toxic dish soap & hand soap with ECO-FRIENDLY BULK SOAPS. To do this, bring your mason jars to the bulk section at your health foods store and fill those babies up! If you live here in Santa Cruz, I always recommend New Leaf; however, they unfortunately do not have liquid soaps in bulk, so in this case try the Herb Room or Way of Life.

Replace dryer sheets with DRYER BALLS. They reduce drying time as well as help to soften your clothes without the use of harsh chemicals. Dryer balls can usually be found at your local health food store or you can make your own. 

Replace toxic laundry detergents with ECO-FRIENDLY DETERGENTS that are packaged in a box (avoid plastic). Or make your own zero-waste detergent. Or buy liquid laundry soap in bulk.

Replace your toxic cleaning Chemicals with HOMEMADE ONES. 

COMPOST YOUR FOOD WASTE. When you sweep your house, empty your dustpan into the compost. Hair from your brush and dryer lint can also be composted.

 Donate your old clothes, and shop second hand. When you buy second hand items you are not only keeping it green, but finding one of a kind treasures! 

Replace your lotions and potions for HOMEMADE ONES.

Cancel your Bulk Mail & Junk Mail

Replace Tampons and pads with a MENTRUAL CUP & ORGANIC COTTON CLOTH PADS.

The list goes on........Feel free to contact me with any questions!