Green Mineralizing Mask

Many clay masks are packaged in single-use plastic packets or plastic tubes and/or plastic tubs. Good thing we can make our own at home waste-free! If you're unable to find these ingredients in bulk, there are so many other face masks out there that call for ingredients like honey, which can usually be found in glass.

French green clay masks are not only simple to make, they work to draw out impurities from the skin on a deep level. I like to use montmorillonite clay as it's gentle and suitable for all skin types. It purifies and firms, while bringing the skin back into tone. I've seen many DIY clay masks that call for bentonite clay, and while I think that bentonite is wonderful detoxifier and I use it in my tooth powder and for internal detoxing, I find it very harsh on the skin. I've included Matcha in my mask for its antioxidant properties. Matcha is a high quality powered green tea that can be used topically, and also drunk as a tea, or added to smoothies. 

Green Mineralizing Mask

Ingredients: Makes 3 masks

 1 tablespoon French green clay 

1 teaspoon organic Matcha powder

1.5 teaspoon water or Hydrosol per mask

Note: If you're making this recipe for one person, mix the Matcha and clay, and then separate out 1/3 of the powder to a small bowl. Add the 1.5 teaspoons of water and stir. Save the rest of the dry powder for your 2 remaining masks. 

The Steps: 1. Combine the green clay and Matcha together in a bowl and stir until they are evenly incorporated into one another. 2. Add the water or Hydrosol to the amount of clay/tea mixture you are going to use and stir until mask reaches a smooth consistency. 3. Apply mask to face with fingers and leave on for up to 15 minutes. Rinse face thoroughly and then dry. 4. Optional: Apply a little calendula or jojoba oil to the face. Voilà!

A bit about the ingredients

 Montmorillonite Clay:  A mineral clay (silica, iron, calcium, magnesium) that gently absorbs toxins and oil from the skin while removing impurities. It helps to draw blackheads to the surface, naturally exfoliate, and bring the skin back into balance. 

Matcha Green Tea: A high quality powdered green tea with antioxidant properties both beneficial to use internally and externally. It has also been said that Matcha in a face mask can help calm redness and is very gentle and suitable for all skin types.