Circular Living: Compost Update

Composting is a huge component of a Circular Lifestyle, as turning our food scraps back into the vital resource soil is an incredibly sustainable practice. 

Our kitchen compost bucket.

Our kitchen compost bucket.

My sweetheart and I recently moved. As of a few days ago we are finally all settled into our new home. We went from having almost no space (although we loved our little cottage) to double, maybe even triple the amount of space. People keep reminding me that it's really not that big, but I feel like I moved into an effin' palace! I guess that's what living in tight quarters does to a human....

At our old house we had a yard. Now we've moved to the "city" because alas--we don't have a yard. As I mentioned in my post several months back about composting and why it's important, the city of Santa Cruz does not offer curbside composting. This is a pretty big bummer for a town that considers itself "green." Thankfully, there's this incredibly amazing lady, Ivy, who started Santa Cruz Community Compost. It's an affordable and sustainable service that picks up resident's compost once a week by bike! I'm very excited about it. I just had my first compost pick-up, and it felt like Christmas!

How It Works:

Santa Cruz Community Compost bucket for collection. 

Santa Cruz Community Compost bucket for collection. 

They provide you with a bucket and some information about the food and compostable materials they accept. Now, all you have to do is start putting your food scraps in the bucket instead of the trash can. We have a small stainless steel compost bucket that we keep in our kitchen, and when it gets full, we dump it into the big bucket which we keep outside. Santa Cruz Community Compost picks up our bucket, and leaves us with a clean one every week! It's only 20 bucks a month. It's also possible to get two buckets if you have a larger household.

Local Impact:

Santa Cruz Community Compost lets each household know how much waste and methane they are diverting from the landfill and the air. Santa Cruz Community Compost had it's first compost pick-up on June 6th, 2014. It has since diverted 83,660 pounds of food and compostable material waste from the landfill, thereby preventing the production of 25,767 pounds of methane gas and its entry into the atmosphere. They have also traveled a total of 5,972.23 miles by bike--now that's what I call sustainable. The difference each of us makes by composting is tangible! 

If your city or town doesn't offer curbside composting, look around and see if someone in your community is doing something like this--you never know until you investigate a bit. If this isn't happening where you are, and you're unable to compost at your home due to no yard, or whatever, then check out your local farmers market, because some farmers might be cool with you dropping off your compost once a week. Again, you never know until you ask. 

A big thank you to the kind folks at Santa Cruz Community Compost--you rock!  This is why I love people, because there are some really good ones doing sustainable things all over the planet.

To read more about composting and why it's important, check out my post!