Less Plastic Challenge Day 20: No Plastic Straws

It's day 20 of the less plastic challenge with Kind Planet! It was really fun sharing with everyone this month! Today I'm going to talk about how easy it is to say "no thank you" to plastic straws. Here's the deal: plastic straws are single-use, and make up a huge component of the trash in our oceans and landfills. Did you know that 500 million plastic straws are used daily in the United States? I was absolutely shocked to find this out. Straws are small, but that amount of plastic waste fills over 127 school buses each day. Yikes! 

What We can Do

Glass Dharma straws are the best!

Glass Dharma straws are the best!

  • Buy a reusable glass, metal, or bamboo straw that will last us for life
  • When we go out and order a drink, kindly request no straw
  • Ask our favorite restaurant and or bar to only gives straws upon request
  • If we forget our straw, go without one
  • Pick up plastic straws and any other trash we see to keep it out of the ocean
  • Take the pledge to stop using plastic straws forever! Trust me, it feels really good. 

Stay tuned for a blog review of my favorite glass straw made by Glass Dharma. I'll also be hosting a giveaway with them on my Instagram account.