Tushy: Bidet Attachment


A large part of the world knows what's up when it comes to having a clean butt, and they have been washing instead of wiping for ages. When I lived in India and Europe, that was how I rolled. The United States does not practice smart bathroom hygiene, which means that the majority of us are walking around with dirty anuses, and that's not a comforting thought. Our bathroom habits are actually extremely wasteful, from using gobs of bleached toilet paper made form trees, to flushing our toilets every time we pee, which wastes a poop ton of water.

Circular Living is a journey not a destination, which for me means that I don't have a goal of perfection or literal "zero-waste." I'm constantly learning new ways of being in the world, and going at my own pace while celebrating my progress both big and small. I hadn't changed up my bathroom routine until a little over a month ago, when I discovered Tushy. I had been wanting a bidet attachment for a while, but I was having a hard time finding a company that was more in alignment with my values. Bidet attachments are made from plastic; however, I think that the benefits outweigh the plastic component in this situation. Let me show you why it's a good idea to get behind butt cleanliness, and ask you one question. If a bird shit on you, or you stepped in dog doo in your bare feet, would you wipe it off? No, you'd wash it, right? I would. So, why are our butts somehow exempt from this? They aren't. 

Why would I switch to a Tushy bidet attachment?

  • TP manufacturing is responsible for 15% of deforestation every year (15 million trees) 
  • Each year the TP industry uses 437 billion gallons of water and 253,000 tons of bleach to make TP.
  • Americans use up to or more than 57 sheets of TP every day.
  • One week with a Tushy bidet uses 1.3 Gallons of water. One week without a Tushy bidet uses 55.5 gallons of water.
  • Tushy is easy to install and doesn't require plumbing or electricity. 
  • Wiping instead of washing and/or using wet wipes causes around 30 million cases of hemorrhoids, UTI's, yeast infections, anal fissures, itching, etc. every year. Super unfortunate. 
  • Buying toilet paper adds up to one expensive butt
  • For every Tushy bidet sold, one family gains access to clean community toilets in developing countries. 
  • Tushy ships plastic-free! So effin awesome.
  • Tushy bidet is easy to use, the water pressure is adjustable, and it has a self cleaning nozzle. 
  • Gives you that "just showered" and fresh as hell feeling.
  • Affordable, and reduces TP use, which gives you a nice return on your bidet investment

Clean Butt & Vag Spa Accessories 


Yep, the Tushy bidet attachment is just as much of a butt spa as it is a vag spa. It's great for easy pre and post-sex cleanup or while you're on your monthly flow. After washing with water, it's necessary to pat dry. Tushy offers tree-free toilet paper that is made from bamboo! Bamboo (a grass) is an incredibly renewable resource, with some varieties growing up to 39 inches per day. Bamboo is also a carbon sequestering powerhouse, absorbing around 30% more CO2 than tress. For the super confident and accomplished bidet users that wanna go TP-free (I'm not there yet), Tushy also offers absorbent and anti-bacterial towels made from bamboo. Hurray! 

I've been using the Tushy bidet for over a month now, and it's hands down the best addition to the bathroom EVER. I find it very easy to use, and you can't beat that "just showered" feeling and knowing that you and maybe a small handful of others have the cleanest butts and lady parts in town. Cheers and bottoms up to taking care of your health! 

So, are you ready to open the lid on butt cleanliness? Are you gonna stop wiping and start washing?