Multi-Purpose Scouring Scrub

I used to buy crazy toxic products to clean my bathroom and kitchen counters, which affected my health and the health of the planet. My simple non-toxic 3 ingredient scouring scrub works like a charm, is affordable, and takes 2 minutes to make. I use it to deep clean the shower/bathtub, toilet, sinks, and anything that is tiled and has grout. 

Buy Sensibly 

I get aluminum-free baking soda from the bulk section package-free by bringing my own jar. If you do not have access to bulk foods, opt for baking soda that's packaged in cardboard over plastic. Some baking soda companies test on animals, so it's important to check. Buy one that's cruelty-free if that's important to you. I'm also able to get liquid soap in bulk that's palm oil -free. It's biodegradable, not tested on animals, phosphate-free, does not contain any animal products, chlorine, or artificial color (made by the company Life Tree). If you don't have access to package-free soap, opt for one that's palm-oil free and environmentally safe. Hydrogen peroxide is not available in glass or bulk, so it's one of the few things I still buy in plastic and put in the recycling. I use it in my 3 ingredient bleach alternative and for first aid. 

Scouring Scrub 


1 cup baking soda 

3 tablespoons palm oil- free liquid soap 

3 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide

The Steps:

1. Combine the baking soda, liquid soap, and hydrogen peroxide in a bowl and stir, until the mixture becomes smooth and creamy. 2. Transfer the scrub to a glass mason jar, leaving 4 inches of room, because the scrub will expand within the first 24 hours. 3. It's important to keep this scrub in an airtight jar, as exposure to oxygen can cause it to become hard. I've kept mine for up to 2 months with no issues,  just following this rule of thumb. 

To use, apply desired amount (if cleaning the shower/bath, I typically use 1/4 cup), and with a washcloth or bamboo scrubber, scour the dirty area. Once the area has been covered and scrubbed, let the solution sit for 10 minutes so that the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can work their natural bleaching magic. Next, dip your washcloth or scrubbing brush in water and and scrub the area one final time, before rinsing it down with water (I try to use recycled water when I can), or wiping it down with a wet cloth. 

Hot Tip: I keep a bucket in my shower to collect water, which I can then use to water my plants and/or rinse the bathroom sink and shower with after I've used my scouring scrub. 

A bit about the Ingredients: 

Baking Soda: Baking soda is an effective cleaner and deodorizer, and it's brightening and abrasive qualities make it extra tough on stains, mold, and dirt. 

Liquid Soap: The liquid soap I use is concentrated vegetable-based soap that's tough on dirt, grease, and grime, but gentle on the hands and the environment. 

Hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide is a bleach alternative due to its oxidizing properties. Unlike bleach, hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen and does not poison the environment. It's also a non-toxic disinfectant with many uses. Hydrogen peroxide is anti-bacterial and anti-viral, making it that more effective as a cleaner.