Bath Bombs

For the first time in 3 years I have a bathtub again! Taking a bath uses lots of water, ranging from 40 gallons per small bathtub fill to 100 gallons per large bathtub fill. In comparison, taking an 8.2 minute shower only uses 17.2 gallons of water. If you're interested in some of the ways I conserve water, check out my post!

Taking a bath for me is a luxury, and I only do it on special occasions to relax, or when I'm having severe menstrual cramps. I've taken to soaking my feet in a tub instead. It's almost as good, saves water, and is a great way to enjoy a bath bomb.

The ingredients are affordable, chemical free, and I'm able to purchase everything  package-free by bringing my own containers to the bulk section. If you're unable to find these ingredients in bulk, try to avoid plastic packaging if possible. 

These bath bombs are supportive of relaxation in the body and smell amazing....They fizz and dissolve beautifully in the water. 

I used eucalyptus radiata and lemon essential oils this time around, but here are some of the combinations I've tried in the past: 

Rose & Germanium    Ylang Ylang & Bergamot   Lavender & Peppermint      

Bath Bombs 

I love adding fresh lemon to the bath as well!

I love adding fresh lemon to the bath as well!

Ingredients: This recipe makes 5 bath bombs

1/2 cup epsom salt

1/4 cup citric acid 

1/4 cup baking soda

2 teaspoons jojoba or olive oil

1 tsp essential oil

1/2 teaspoon water

The Steps: 1. Combine the dry ingredients (epsom salt, citric acid, baking soda) in a bowl and stir until evenly mixed. 2. In a separate bowl combine the wet ingredients (olive or jojoba, essential oils, water) 3. Slowly begin to add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix. 4. Once the wet ingredients have been fully incorporated into the dry, begin to form the mixture into whatever shape you desire. You want to form the mixture quickly before the ingredients dry and become too hard to mold. 5. Store in a glass mason jar and use one per bath, or foot soak. 

Hot Tip: There are plastic bath bomb molds, but as I'm plastic-free that's not an option. I liked forming the bath bombs with my hands. They weren't perfectly round, but that's ok! They have character. If you don't want to use your hands, I suggest a silicon mold, as they don't have to be round in shape. 

A bit about the ingredients...

Epsom Salt: Epsom salt is a natural mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. When added to the bath, epsom salt is absorbed through the skin and supports a healthy inflammatory response in the body. It can also help relieve muscle cramping and maintain muscle and nerve function, while eliminating toxins.

Baking Soda: Ready for a body detox? In the bath, baking soda can aid in detoxification and alkalize the body. It can also support irritated and itchy skin, leaving it silky smooth. 

Eucalyptus & Lemon: Breathing in the smell from eucalyptus and lemon supports relaxation and calm in the body. Eucalyptus is also supportive of muscle pain and soreness. Lemon is astringent, naturally detoxifying, and helps remove excess oil on the skin. 

Jojoba Oil: Jojoba is very similar to our skin's own sebum and therefore provides true moisture that keeps the skin supple and soft throughout the day. Jojoba has anti-inflammatory properties and is supportive in reducing inflammation caused by dryness of the skin. 

Bath bombs are a great homemade gift