Longonot Education Initiative

Photo Credit: Sedona Keenan 

Photo Credit: Sedona Keenan 

The time of year is approaching when many of us celebrate and give to one another. Last year I shared my holiday gift guide, which listed ideas for trash and plastic free gifts, as well as ways to give experiences over things. For me giving is receiving, and my favorite gift to give and receive is something that helps out people who are really in need. I'm not in need. I have food, water, clothing, shelter, and healthcare. I'm also getting my college education. Many others are not as fortunate, and every little donation helps them meet their needs and provide them with opportunities that they otherwise might not have. Everyone deserves to be healthy, happy, and safe!

Sedona Keenan with  Longonot Education Initiative  

Sedona Keenan with Longonot Education Initiative 

I'm so grateful to have met Sedona Keenan who works with Longonot Education Initiative (LEI), a non-profit organization that supports children in need in Kenya. Sedona lives part of the year here in Santa Cruz, CA, and the other part in Kenya. Sedona has been working with LEI since 2013 and their projects include: The Longonot Education Center, Living Postive Kenya Day Care, and the Ahadi School Center for street boy.

Longonots Mission 

"Our mission at the Longonot Education Initiative is to develop and support sustainable education opportunities for children in Kenya. We work with schools, orphanages, and other organizations that provide support to vulnerable children of all ages—emphasizing sustainable projects that are maintained and governed by the community in an effort to help create both creative and self-sufficient development solutions. Fundamentally, we believe the best practice is working with, not for, the communities we support. We also believe in a holistic approach to education development—encompassing health, nutrition, and safe living-environments in addition to teachers, schools, and supplies. Happy and healthy children have the best chance to succeed in school and life!"

What They've Built

With the help of volunteers and donations, the Longonot Education Initiative has constructed the Longonot Education Center classroom, a playground, and toilets, as well as the Ahadi Education Center, Faraja Home Security Wall, and water collection systems. Donations to LEI provide daily meals, educational tools and supplies, medical care for children, school fees and uniforms, school facilities and maintenance, educational trips and other projects that can be followed on their blog.  

Check out Longonot's Projects 

Longonot Education Center


Living Positive Kenya Daycare (LPK)


Longonot is currently supporting 150 students in Kenya through their sponsorship program, the education center, and the LPK daycare center. 100% of all donations go directly to Longonot Education Initiative to support Kenyan children in need. With more donations they will be able to provide additional support to children. I can't wait to donate in the names of my family for holiday gifts! Also dreaming of going to Kenya and teaching children with this incredible non-profit organization!

Note, All the photos in this post are from Sedona Keenan.