The majority of cleaning products don't disclose their ingredients. How is this a thing? I think that we as consumers have the right to know exactly what's in our products! Unfortunately, we have become very complacent, and many of us just accept or don't think about that fact that we're polluting our homes, bodies, and planet with toxic chemicals every time we clean. 

Chemical companies make billions telling us how much we need a variety of toxic products to maintain a clean household. What a scam! I keep my house clean chemical with only a few ingredients. My cleaners don't harm my skin, my lungs, or the environment. They're also affordable and easy to make! 

I use this to clean the majority of my house. It works on the windows, shower, toilet, mirror, sink, fridge, counter, and stove top. For deep cleaning, check out my multi-purpose scouring scrub

All Purpose Cleaner:


1 cup lemon infused distilled organic white vinegar

1 cup distilled water

The Steps: Combine the ingredients in a glass spray bottle and that's it!

Hot Tip: I infuse vinegar with lemon scraps because it helps to clean up grease. What about the vinegar smell?" Here's the deal, the citrus cuts the smell, but if you still detect vinegar, it will evaporate as soon as it dries, so no stress there. Using distilled water is crucial because tap water will cause streaking. 

How is vinegar effective for cleaning? White vinegar has a PH of 2.0 (acidic) which creates an "inhospitable environment," for microorganisms to grow. Not convinced?

If you would prefer to just use distilled white vinegar instead of infusing it with lemons, you can add 20-30 drops of an essential oil. Tea tree, oregano, peppermint, and eucalyptus are just a few essential oils that eliminate bacteria.

Infusing Vinegar: 

Simply place your lemon rinds in a 16oz. mason jar, fill with organic white distilled vinegar, and put the lid on. I wait 2-3 weeks before using. I've left my rinds in the vinegar for over a month, which eliminated the vinegar smell altogether! I've also used orange peels.